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Honey story - with spices!

Honey cookies - a story as sweet as honey!

Ingredients for Honey cookies...

Recipe and preparation for Honey Cookies



Take a look at all our Paprenjak biscuits and a line of Paprenjak-motif adorned Porcelain!

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Priča o paprenjaku

The Story

“And thus it came to pass that she was called the Paprenjak lady: over the length and breadth of the city there was not a woman, noble or common, who could bake paprenjaks in the way that Magda knew."
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Gdje kupiti

Where to Buy

You can find Paprenjak in Souvenir shops, delicacy shops and some specialised supermarkets. Look at the list of places...

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Sanja Paprenjak

The founder of Paprenjak wishes you a warm welcome to our brand-new website!



Take a look at some of the rewards Paprenjak recieved...

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Discover Zagreb with Paprenjak

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